My personal taste in interior design is primarily rooted in vintage or antique finds and aspires towards the timeless. I am a big fan of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and American Mid-century. Likewise I am equally inspired by the art forms of those periods, from film and Poster, to Jazz and Urbanism, or scenes from Modern life by artists like Edward Hopper. My career and an illustrator and Art Director informs my design choices, and I often use a piece or art work to inspire a space, or to add a bold stroke. Below are images from my home and studio....

HomeArtboard 1.jpg

Vintage "Phone Banquette" and vintage film poster. Found tuxedo cat. 

Original mosaic and restored fire place and sculpture by Meow House, vintage brass pots and posters.

1930's Art Deco bed frame, custom red shelves, vintage film poster and original lamp by local artisan. 

Sketch for bathroom design.

Vintage dresser (1950's), copper jewelry stand, brass pot and original painting by unknown artist. Found orange cat. 

Cool, but what's with all the cats? Your home or any space is about the people you share it with, whether that's family or friends, customers or diners, or for the more introverted, books. In my case, my home and studio are shared with two cats, Orange Boy and Alex Katz. Like many over artists I've found that cats make excellent collaborators, providing company during what is often otherwise solitary work, and that their innate beauty and elegance can be an endless source of inspiration. And of course, they make excellent models. 

Sketch for garden design. 

Vintage distress table, strung lights and candles. 

Vintage distress table, strung lights and candles.